Cleaning & *Dewarping



Originals has experimented with different cleaning methods and found that ultrasonic record cleaning produces the best results – by far.

This advanced technology uses powerful waves to remove dirt and debris from deep inside the record’s grooves. Unlike traditional record cleaning machines, ours are completely touch-less and rely only on distilled water; avoiding the need for brushes, solutions, and static-generating vacuums. After an ultrasonic cleaning, vinyl records play with a new sense of quietness, greater detail, and higher fidelity across the entire spectrum of frequencies. 

While the ultrasonic record cleaning machines we use are costly, our service is not. Take advantage of this to gain renewed enjoyment from vintage records, and add greater clarity to contemporary pressings as well.

Originals’ vinyl cleaning service digs deeper.

Don’t waste money on products that only affect the surface of your records. Ultrasonic record cleaning removes dirt from where the music is – inside the record’s grooves.

WAV before ultrasonic cleaning
WAV before ultrasonic cleaning
 WAV after one ultrasonic cleaning
WAV after one ultrasonic cleaning

Benefits of Originals’ ultrasonic record cleaning include:

  • Improved playback and frequency response
  • Reduced pops & ticks
  • Increased record value
  • No static electricity from use of vacuums
  • New inner and outer sleeve for each record cleaned 

*Note that pressing irregularities and physical damage such as cracks, warping, and scratches, will not be corrected by Originals’ ultrasonic cleaning service.


Do you have records that are making waves or starting to resemble a soup bowl? Originals can help. 

We use technology that is specifically designed to flatten records through a carefully timed application of heat and weight across days and, sometimes, even weeks. No records baked in the oven or thrown under the sun between glass sheets that can end up ruining your records. We have years of experience using this method to flatten records and have it down pat. 

Since each warp is different, we need to examine the record in person to determine if we can flatten it. Certain types of warps, such as edge warps, just won’t come out and, in some cases, the warp may have caused groove damage that just isn’t worth spending the money to fix — you may be better off finding a nicer copy. 

*Note that the de-warping process may take up to a week. Originals Vinyl cannot be held liable for any damages that may occur to records during the de-warping process. This service is currently walk-in only.



  • Single ultrasonic cleaning
  • NEW inner sleeve 
  • NEW heavy-weight plastic outer sleeve
  • $0.50 extra for an archival poly-lined, anti-static inner sleeve

* Customers are welcome to bring in their own inner and outer sleeve preference but the cleaning cost remains the same.  


  • Ultrasonic cleaning w/ new inner and outer sleeve. 


For our record cleaning service, you can bring your records directly to us. We can clean LPs, 45s, and 10 inches (we cannot clean 78s / Shellac – sorry). Our de-warping and mail-in cleaning services have been discontinued.


Cleaning orders can either be dropped off or we can clean your records while you wait. If you’re planning on cleaning a lot of records, ask us about our volume discounts!

For drop-offs, we recommend bringing no more than 30 records at a time and there is no appointment necessary. We will issue a receipt that we have accepted your records for cleaning; records will be safely stored together behind our counter and properly handled while being cleaned; and, as soon as they are finished, we will give you a call to pick them up at your earliest convenience. 

For clean-while-you-wait, we recommend bringing no more than 10 records at a time. While there is no appointment necessary, it’s a good idea to give us a ring beforehand to see what the current wait time might be.  


For mail-in orders, we recommend sending no more than 10 records at a time. Please make sure to box records well since we will use the same box to return your records to you – if you need any advice on packing them correctly, don’t hesitate to call us. Customer pays for shipping and tracking to and from Originals and insurance is highly recommended. Please send us an email before shipping your records so we know when to expect them and what sort of sleeve options you would like. You will receive an electronic invoice once an order has been completed and we will ship records out as soon as invoice is paid.

Please bring or mail records to:
701 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

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Why should I clean my vinyl records?

Over the years dust accumulates in the grooves of vinyl records, having an adverse effect on the quality of playback. If records are not properly cleaned before play, the needle can also push dirt and grime deeper into the grooves making it harder to remove later. Dirt can also cause moderate to heavy surface noise throughout an entire record, unlike nicks and scratches which only affect an area as small (or as big) as the mark is.

Will my records be handled with care?

Absolutely. Originals takes extra precautions to ensure that every record is properly cared for. When not in our ultrasonic machines, all records are stored safely in our shop. 

What happens to the sleeves my records are already in?

All original company sleeves are kept – we do not throw them out. We store them back inside the cover while your freshly cleaned record is stored behind the cover inside the plastic outer sleeve. If you don’t want your old sleeves anymore, we’re happy to recycle them for you. 

Does Originals offer volume discounts on ultrasonic cleaning?

Yes! The more records cleaned, the bigger the discount offered. Bulk cleaning can be a great way for you to save a significant amount of money. Contact us for a quote and discover the benefits of cleaning your entire collection at once.

Do all records show the same improvement after ultrasonic cleaning?

Any vinyl record can benefit from our ultrasonic cleaning, and some more than others. As record conditions vary, so too will the end result of Originals’ ultrasonic cleaning service. Please keep in mind that any physical damage such as nicks and scratches will not be corrected by ultrasonic cleaning.

Will ultrasonic cleaning damage my record labels?

Absolutely not. Vinyl labels are completely protected from water (and all moisture) while being cleaned by Originals’ ultrasonic machines. Furthermore, water-levels are monitored closely to ensure that only the playing area of the vinyl record is submerged in the ultrasonic cleaning bath.