“Enjoy Imaginary Music” by Brazilian Artist Fábio Benê

We’re excited to host our first art show at the shop and Fabio’s work could not be more fitting! Come join us Saturday December 14th from 6-10pm! A handful of San Francisco’s top DJs will be spinning all night!

Fábio paints over real album covers, creating his own world of imaginary musicians and titles. Each cover features a brief description of these fictional artists and their work. The audience is invited to imagine new songs based on this new reality Fabio creates. The covers, the portrayed musicians, and the descriptions.

Playfully riffing on conventional cover art, Fabio presents the collection as part of a spoof record label called Enjoy Imaginary Music. EIM becomes the first label to release un-recordable and un-streamable music, transforming the audience’s mind into a record player.

A little on Benê himself. He lives in San Francisco but hails originally from São Paulo, Brazil. His work draws heavily from street culture, music, and everyday observations. Benê explores a range of expressions from marginalized mediums to multimedia experiments, testing a different process for each series. With strong character-based work, Fabio creates images that spark curiosity and generate conversations. See more of his work on the his website: https://bene.studio/

Come have a cold beverage, listen to great tunes, and Enjoy Imaginary Music!