Originals has experimented with a myriad of record cleaning methods and has found that ultrasonic cleaning produces the best results – by far.

This advanced technology uses powerful waves to remove dirt and debris from deep inside the record’s grooves, without the hindrance of static-generating vacuums. After ultrasonic cleaning, vinyl records play with a new sense of quietness, greater detail, and higher fidelity across the entire spectrum of frequencies.

While the ultrasonic cleaning machines we use are costly, our service is not. Take advantage of this to gain renewed enjoyment from vintage records, and add greater clarity to contemporary pressings as well.

Originals’ vinyl cleaning service digs deeper.

Don’t waste money on products that only affect the surface of your records. Ultrasonic cleaning removes dirt from where the music is – inside the record’s grooves.

Before ultrasonic cleaning
WAV before ultrasonic cleaning

After ultrasonic cleaning
WAV after one ultrasonic cleaning

Benefits of Originals’ ultrasonic cleaning include:

  • Improved playback and frequency response
  • Reduced pops & ticks
  • Increased record value
  • No static electricity from use of vacuums
  • New anti-static inner sleeve for each record cleaned

Note that pressing irregularities and physical damage such as cracks, warping, and scratches, will not be corrected by Originals’ ultrasonic cleaning service.