But in order for us to clean or flatten your records, we must either get to where you and your records reside, or you must get your records to us in our store. Simple enough, right?

Please determine which method is best for you:

(Ultrasonic Cleaning, De-warping)

Originals gladly accepts orders for ultrasonic cleaning and flattening by walk in or mail directly to our record store.
(Customer pays for shipping, tracking, and insurance to and from Originals)

Please bring or mail records to:
701 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

*Mail order customers will receive an electronic invoice once an order has been completed.

(Ultrasonic Cleaning, De-warping)

Local Bay Area residents may schedule Originals to pick-up records for ultrasonic cleaning or de-warping. Once received, the records will be cleaned or flattened at our shop and delivered back to your doorstep upon completion!
(50 record minimum)



Why should I clean my vinyl records?
Over the years dust accumulates in the grooves of vinyl records, having an adverse effect on the quality of playback. If records are not properly cleaned before play, the needle can also push dirt and grime deeper into the grooves making it harder to remove later. Dirt can also cause moderate to heavy surface noise throughout an entire record, unlike nicks and scratches which only affect an area as small (or as big) as the mark is.

Will my records be handled with care?
Absolutely. Originals takes extra precautions to ensure that every record is properly cared for. When not in our ultrasonic machines, all records are stored safely in durable record boxes – whether at our shop or in transit.

Does Originals offer volume discounts on ultrasonic cleaning?
Yes! The more records cleaned, the bigger the discount offered. Bulk cleaning can be a great way for you to save a significant amount of money. Contact us for a quote and discover the benefits of cleaning your entire collection at once.

Will Originals make house calls outside of Northern California?
We are happy to make house calls anywhere in the U.S., but understand that travel and per diem expenses do apply. If interested, please contact us to discuss your collection and whereabouts so that we can provide you with a custom quote.

Do all records show the same improvement after ultrasonic cleaning?
Any vinyl record can benefit from our ultrasonic cleaning, and some more than others. As record conditions vary, so too will the end result of Originals’ ultrasonic cleaning service. Please keep in mind that any physical damage such as nicks and scratches will not be corrected by ultrasonic cleaning.

Will ultrasonic cleaning damage my record labels?
Absolutely not. Vinyl labels are completely protected from water (and all moisture) while being cleaned by Originals’ ultrasonic machines. Furthermore, water-levels are monitored closely to ensure that only the playing area of the vinyl record is submerged in the ultrasonic cleaning bath.